What does it mean to scale a workout?

Scaling basically means that you change the intensity of the workout to your fitness level. There is a scaling option for every single exercise. … Scaling can also mean that you do fewer rounds with the same intensity and weights, or just fewer reps of that particular exercise that you have not mastered yet.

What does it mean to scale an exercise?

Scaling can include decreasing the prescribed weights or reps or altering certain movements to maximize the workout. Read More Don’t Cheat Yourself: Rep Count and Movement Standards.

How do you scale a workout?

Scaling weight and scaling workouts is the idea that in certain workouts you are given a movement or weight and you find that it is too heavy, or too hard, for you to do as it is given. For instance, you are asked to do a muscle up in a workout and you cannot do a pull-up.

Should I do RX or scaled?

In the most basic of levels, if you can’t complete the workout prescribed, complete the scaled version. You can always attempt the RX workout, and move to a scaled version if it’s not working out.

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What are scaling options?

Scaling involves splitting your position into separate tiers and entering at different prices. You enter some now and then wait for a better price before entering the rest later. Typically we refer to it as scaling in.

What is a front scale?

Both movements involve balancing on one leg and lifting the opposing leg out in front (front scale) or back behind you (back scale) while keeping your core engaged and arms in a “T” out to the side.

How do you scale CrossFit?

Scaling in CrossFit means to find an appropriate version of the workout for an individual. This can be achieved by reducing reps, finding a less challenging variation of the movements themselves or reducing the weight from the recommended prescription (Rx). Rx means ‘as prescribed’.

What are 4 ways to scale exercise?

Four Ways to Scale Pull-Ups Without Bands

  1. The Inverted Row. With a barbell in the rack (at roughly the height used to perform a bench press), hang under the bar with straight legs, heels together and hips forward in a globally extended position. …
  2. Partner-Assisted Strict Pull-Up. …
  3. Negatives. …
  4. The Ring Row.


What is the long term goal of scaling?

A properly scaled workout safely maximizes relative intensity (load, speed, range of motion) to continue developing increased work capacity despite limitations. A long-term goal of scaling is creating the ability to perform workouts “as prescribed.”

What is RX Weight?

RX: When a WOD is performed RX’d, that means the athlete performs all modalities using the prescribed weight and reps. In CrossFit, all WODs can be scaled down to meet your fitness level, but the goal is to get to a place where the RX is challenging, yet doable.

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What does scaled vs RX mean?

Scaled: If you are a scaled athlete you will complete less wods, with lower weights and with easier movements, like single unders. RX: The weights are not going to be very heavy apart of the movements complexity and you will participate in less wods than in Elite. Elite: You will complete more wods with hevier weights.

Can you scale the CrossFit Open?

The CrossFit Open Features Four Scaling Options: Prescribed (Rx’d), Scaled, Foundations, and.

What is the purpose of scaling?

Scaling and root planing allows the periodontist to clean between the gums and the roots of the teeth to clear away any disease-causing bacteria that may be present there. Rough patches on the roots, where those bacteria can collect, also may be filed down as part of the procedure.

What does a scale mean?

Definition of scale (Entry 5 of 7) 1 : a graduated series of musical tones ascending or descending in order of pitch according to a specified scheme of their intervals. 2 : something graduated especially when used as a measure or rule: such as.

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