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The P word.


Im talking about programmingeveryones favorite thing to complain about. Everyones got an opinion, and the opinions and complaints that get fielded are as diverse and contradictory as it gets.


We dont do enough grinders.


We dont snatch enough.


Longer warm-ups. Shorter warm-ups.


More mobility. Less mobility.


More volume. Less volume.


More CrossFit Girls workout. Less CrossFitty workouts.


And on and on.


Trying to please everybody and all their emotionally-charged biases is next to impossible. And to be honest, its not even our number one priority.


What do you mean? Not your priority? Shouldnt your priority be to please your clients?


Yes, but think of us like a parent. Like you were told as a child, Mother always knows best.You might have wanted to eat ice cream for dinner, but mom made sure you didnt. You might have wanted to have sleepovers on school nights, but mom knew youd be a zombie in class the next day.


And yes, we understand that sweating it out during a 30-minute grinder makes you feel fulfilled and emotionally-satisfied and de-stressed, but if all you do are grinders five days a week, itll be counter-productive to your overall development as youll likely sacrifice so many other important elements of fitness in the process.


Alas: Our priority is to give you whats good for you, and this might not always be exactly what your little heart desires.


What we are asking for from you is your trust. Trust that we have some idea what were doingand that were constantly trying to improve and are open-minded about our programming evolving and growing as we learn more.


On our end, our number one priority is your development: Helping you reach a perfect blend of performance, health and longevity. Remember the longevity, health, performance wheel post we posted a while back? Yeah, thats our priority.


As a result, this might mean sometimes you think we dont do enough grinders, or dont snatch enough, or that we spend too much time warming up.


But it hopefully also means that your performance numbers will continue to go up, you wont burn out your mind or body, youll stay injury-free, and youll keep showing up training with us for yearsideally until youre old and grey.