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Hey Everyone!

I’d like to make sure you all saw the announcement that our Spark program is now on the schedule, and we will be “testing” it over the next 4 weeks of November. SO your feedback is super appreciated!

While there is no doubt that CrossFit with ample barbell training is probably the fastest and best way to get people ‘fit for life’, that doesn’t mean that you must use a barbell to do CrossFit!

WHAT – “Spark” is a combination of Yoga, pre-hab/re-hab, dumbbell/kettlebell strength, metcons, and targeted core/glute exercises and it ‘overlaps’ with our regular programming so you can switch back and forth however you want!

WHO – The program is great for people who are looking to change up their regular training with a bit more volume, and a focus on healthy mobility and movement.

WHEN – The SPARK class times and days are T/Th 9:00am, W/F 5:30pm and Sat. 8:15am (NEW ADDED CLASS TIME!, regular 9:00am is still going on!)

You can always see the schedule HERE ➡️ CLASS SCHEDULE     

IN ADDITION! We have added OPEN GYM to coincide with SPARK classes. If you just gotta lift heavy, or need to work on skills or mobility, or if you just want to go at your own pace for a change…


HOW – Each Spark class starts with a “Pre-Charge”. A warm up that can be done before class or in the first few minutes of class.

Then we roll into our “Align” portion where we’ll spend some time doing a Yoga/mobility flow that also includes some pre-habilitation and re-habilitation movements.

After that, we’ll do some “Balance” on most days. This is the part of the class where we will work on dumbbell and kettlebell movements focusing on basic coordination, balance, and strength.

Then we’ll work on “Burn”, a 25-35 minute interval/circuit full of bodyweight movements, medicine balls, kettlebells, dumbbells, and ‘cardio’ (jump rope, rowing, etc.).

Finally, we’ll wrap up with some optional “Bonus” work where we’ll do some intelligent core work and extra glute/hamstring drills.

So thanks for reading and remember that your honest feedback is wanted!


P.S.!  Just a heads up looking forward… We are planning to “phase in” more programs and classes over the next year. We anticipate it looking something like this… depending on YOUR feedback and input!