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  • Confused about all the conflicting information on diets, nutrition, fitness and health?
  • Can’t be bothered with scientific research, facts, reading and all that noise?
  • Do you just wish you could get some concrete help and advice that is actionable?  
Clients tell me this all the time, when we talk about health and fitness…

Mike, that’s all great information and I’m listening BUT I just need to be TOLD exactly what to do to fix my (insert body, health, fitness problem here) . Can you just write it down? And make it SIMPLE? I’ll do whatever you tell me…

Now I’m not expecting you to take everything you hear at face value. But this stuff is mostly common knowledge, you know it, you just need a “TO-DO” list to remind you.

SO, if you are looking to feel better quickly, lose a bunch of fat and gain some useful muscle… while at the same time, improve your health and performance markers now and into the future… Here are your 7 FIXES that will dramatically and positively impact your health, body composition and energy levels almost immediately!

  1. SUGAR – Remove all refined sugar from your diet. Especially sweetened beverages.
  2. SLEEP – Get 8 or more hours. Dark, cold room. No electronics before or in bed!
  3. MOVE –  Exercise consistently, TRAIN your body – Muscular strength is the priority here.
  4. VEGETABLES  –  Maximize your vegetable intake. Green leafy veggies, and fiber.
  5. FAT – Consume more healthy fats to make up for the processed crap you will eliminate.
  6. SUPPLEMENT – At a minimum, Vitamin D3, Zinc, Magnesium, and Omega 3 fatty acids. Studies show consistently low levels of these nutrients across society.
  7. ALCOHOL –  “The elephant in the room” Ethanol is a poison. The less the better.

Now, after reading this, I’m SURE you have some QUESTIONS. Nonetheless, you can start taking action today. Just dive right in and…

DOWNLOAD THIS FREE “7 FIXES” INFO GRAPHIC and stick it on your refrigerator. 


Let me know how it goes, and feel free to contact me here or email mike@hc2gym.com for a FREE HEALTH AND FITNESS CONSULTATION.