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A simple strength and conditioning program for the best results in your life.

You’re a sex machine, so get on up! (Keep reading ladies! … but this is written for the men!)


In this article, I’m going to explain an insanely simple, yet highly effective strength and conditioning program, guaranteed to increase your libido, performance and confidence, in and out of the bedroom! Here goes!

You are likely being bombarded daily on TV, radio and social media, with ads for some “new male enhancement pill” or “stamina” AND “energy” products being pitched to over 30 crowd, amiright?  It’s no coincidence and should come as no surprise… you are being TARGETED.


Today’s mature males are more stressed out, get much less sleep and way less exercise than past generations. Add to it, a steady diet of fake food and electronic exposure, and you have a recipe for less than optimal “life performance.” Some days it’s just plain hard to get out of bed…never mind getting “IT DONE” in bed! Lol… AND THE MARKETERS KNOW THIS!

They are pitching a quick and easy “pill” or supplement. Deep down we KNOW this is bullshit, yet we still spend millions of dollars a year in hopes of a quick fix miracle.


There IS a simple fix but it’s not a secret. It’s not necessarily a QUICK AND EASY solution, but simple nonetheless.

It’s called TRAINING. Not exercising, not working out, not doing cardio, or any of the other things people do for “ex-ertainment.”  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not knocking exercise, more people should do it!. I am, however, trying to explain that there is difference that you might consider.


Exercise is something you do TODAY, to feel a certain way TODAY, with little regard for the long term result or outcome.

Training is a regular, progressive, goal oriented effort, designed to achieve some desirable outcome or goal in the future.

Lot’s of people exercise, very few train. That’s why many never see the results they were after, and when it doesn’t work, they quit, or jump to some other “shiny new” program.

OK, now that we know the difference, and hopefully have decided that TRAINING is the way to go,… Let me lay some details.

How much time is required?

First off, you will need to commit to at least 3 days a week and about 40 minutes per session.

  • You will need about 2-5 minutes of general warm up time
  • 5 minutes of specific movement warm up time
  • The work sets will initially take just another 30 minutes

What equipment will I need?

Next you will need a local gym membership or a home gym equipped with the following items.*Fitness Gym in Melbourne, FL

  • A Barbell
  • Some type of sturdy power rack
  • A weight bench
  • Weight plates, steel or rubber
  • A pullup bar
  • A pushing sled

*The quality of these things DOES matter, but don’t let it stop you now… you can upgrade later.

What skilled movements do I need to know?

Lastly, to get started, you will need to familiarize yourself with the following movements.*

  • Back Squat
  • Standing Shoulder Press
  • Bench Press
  • Deadlift
  • Chin ups / Pull Ups
  • Dips
  • Sprinting mechanics

*I HIGHLY recommend finding and hiring a coach who KNOWS how to teach these movements and has experience. In 10 years of coaching, I’ve noticed how many people think they know these movements, but really don’t move well at all.  Just a few hours with a good strength coach and you can learn to squat, deadlift, press, bench press, sprint, jump, and do chin ups and dips CORRECTLY. This is important for safety, progress and longevity… GET A COACH!

…but if you want to DIY… Do yourself a favor and order STARTING STRENGTH – BASIC BARBELL TRAINING by Mark Rippetoe. (It’s the bible of strength training, AND my wife Donna and I are listed in the acknowledgements on page vii, so there is that! )

Order it here… Starting Strength on Amazon.com


Before each workout, do a general warm up like riding a stationary bike or skipping rope for 2-5 min. Then do barbell back squats 10 – 5- 3 , adding a little weight each set until you are at or near your “work set weight,” Your work set weight should start out very conservative*, as you will be adding 5-10 lbs EVERY WORKOUT.

*A conservative weight is that with which you can correctly execute proper technique at about 70% perceived exertion.


  • Squat 3×5 (3 sets of 5 repetitions each) – work set
  • Standing Shoulder Press 3×5 – work set
  • Deadlift 1×5 – work set


  • Squat 3×5
  • Bench Press 3×5
  • Deadlift 1×5

Here is an example of a weekly program

Week 1

  • Workout A Monday
  • Workout B Wednesday
  • Workout A Friday

Week 2

  • Workout B Monday
  • Workout A Wednesday
  • Workout B Friday

At week 3, repeat week 1 and so on.

REMEMBER, you will be adding weight in the NEXT workout, not DURING. After about 3 weeks, simply add 3 sets of max rep chin ups to workout A and 3 sets of max dips to workout B, to the end of each training session.

Fitness Gym in Melbourne, FL

HOW TO PROGRESS (adding weight)

  1. You have established in the first sessions, a conservative (70%) load for each lift
  2. IN THE NEXT SESSION, (not each set) for each exercise, simply add 5 lbs to the bar.
  3. For example, workout A, day 1, your squat weight was 100lbs, on workout B, day 2, it will be 105#
  4. The weight remains the SAME during each session, only going up NEXT session.


You can add SOME conditioning work 1-2 days a week, on an off day perhaps, but this initial plan will give you ALL the “cardio” you need for now, trust me. There is time later, when you are stronger… BUT if you insist, here are some things you can do…

  • 10-20 minutes, steady state sled push (walking) at HR avg. 140 bpm.
  • 4×25 yard sled sprints 1:00 rest between pushes
  • 10x 15 yd sprints, walk back recovery between
  • 4x 100 yd. Sprints, walk back recovery

THERE YOU HAVE IT! A simply designed program guaranteed to increase your testosterone production, muscle mass, libido, confidence and PERFORMANCE! You are on your way to building the PERFECT SEX MACHINE AND IT’S ALL YOU, BRO!

Now, I know you will have questions about this… the info is in the book STARTING STRENGTH as well as online at STARTINGSTRENGTH.COM BUT – If you want to HIT ME UP me with questions or training info, feel free to contact me here… We can set up a time to chat!